Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Observation about pudding

That is right loyal readers, I have an observation about pudding that I would like to share.

When making pudding from the box it's much easier to make the stove top version than it is to make "instant" pudding. With the instant you have to either dirty up a pain in the butt to clean whisk and exert 5 minutes of constant whisking, or dirty up an even more pain in the butt to clean motorized stirring apparatus. The stove top version you use one pot and an easy to clean spoon and stir for less time than the instant version. And it tastes about 100 times better. And the texture is 100 times better. And the clean up is faster. And it takes less time to make.

Why does instant exist?

This concludes today's pudding themed blog post.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Before there was Photoshop . . .

Topps always had the most hilariously bad paint jobs for players traded before they had enough time to get a picture on his new team. Even before photoshop, wouldn't it have been easier to photograph an actual hat in the right positing and place it on top? God bless you Topps, and your bad paint jobs. I chose a card from 88, as they were amongst the ugliest designs Topps ever came up with.